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Stats: Height 6'1" | Hair Silver | Eyes Hazel
For representation information, see the contact page.

"iSteve" (Funny or Die) Supporting Ryan Perez, dir.
"The Campaign" (Warner Bros.)
Supporting Jay Roach, dir.
"The Guilt Trip" (Paramount) Supporting Anne Fletcher, dir.
"Pig" (Independent) Supporting Henry Barrial, dir.
"Rosewood Lane" (Independent)
Supporting Victor Salva, dir.
"Too Big to Fail" (HBO) Supporting Curtis Hanson, dir.
"Life of Lemon"  Independent Supporting Randy Kent, dir.
"Transformers: Revenge of the Fallen"  (Dreamworks) Principal Michael Bay, dir.
"Seven Pounds"  (Columbia Pictures) Principal Gabriele Muccino, dir.
"Rendition"  (New Line Cinema) Supporting Gavin Hood, dir.
"Pulse"  (Dimension Films) Supporting Jim Sonzero, dir.

"First Daughter" (20th Century Fox) Supporting Forest Whitaker, dir.
"E.S.L." ( Cima Prods.) Supporting Youssef Delara, dir.
"The Secret Parts of Fortune" (AFI Thesis) Supporting Todd Albright, dir.
"The L.A. Riot Spectacular"
Supporting Marc Klasfeld, dir.
"Confidence" (Lions Gate Films) Principal James Foley, dir.
"Disney's The Kid" (Touchstone) Supporting Jon Turteltaub, dir.
"G-Men From Hell" (Independent) Supporting
Christopher Coppola, dir.
"BraceFace Brandi" (DreamWorks) Fourth Lead Brandy Menefee, dir.
"Magnolia" (Ghoulardi/New Line) Supporting Paul Thomas Anderson, dir.
"Being John Malkovich" (Lava Films) Principal Spike Jonze, dir.
"Debutante" (1999 LAIFF, Best Short) Third Lead Mollie Jones, dir.
"Major Crimes" (TNT) Recurring Guest Star Various directors
"NCIS:  Los Angeles" (CBS) Guest Star Eric Laneuville, dir.
"Modern Family" (ABC)
Guest Star
Chris Kock, dir.
"How I Met Your Mother" (CBS) Co-Star Pamela Fryman, dir.
"The Defenders" (CBS) Guest Star Jeff Thomas, dir.
"The Closer" Guest Star Rick Wallace, dir.
"Funny or Die Presents" (HBO) Series Regular (Host) - 2 seasons
Matt Piedmont, dir.
"Heroes" (NBC) Guest Star Greg Yaitanes, dir.
"Prison Break" (FOX) Recurring Guest Star Various directors
"Two and a Half Men" (CBS) Recurring Co-Star
Various directors
"Without a Trace" (CBS) Guest Star Bobby Roth, dir.
"Shark Swarm"  (Hallmark Channel Miniseries) Guest Star Jim Contner, dir.
"Weeds"  (Showtime) Recurring Guest Star Various directors
"Curb Your Enthusiasm"  (HBO) Guest Star Tom Kramer, dir.
"What About Brian" (ABC) Guest Star Bethany Rooney, dir.
"Sleeper Cell" (Showtime) Guest Star Nick Chavez, dir.
"Windfall" (NBC) Recurring Guest Star Various directors
"Commander in Chief " (ABC) Recurring Guest Star
Various directors
"Drake and Josh " (Nickelodeon) Guest Lead Adam Weissman, dir.
"Just Legal" (WB) Guest Star Dennis Smith, dir.
"Desperate Housewives" (ABC) Co-Star Larry Shaw, dir.
"Las Vegas" (NBC) Guest Star Allison Liddi-Brown, dir.
"Boston Legal" (ABC) Guest Star Arlene Sanford, dir.
"E.R." (NBC) Guest Star Julie Hebert, dir.
"N.Y.P.D. Blue" (ABC) Guest Star Mark Tinker, dir.
"Dragnet" (ABC) Guest Star Guy Bee, dir.
"Angel" (WB) Guest Star Turi Meyer, dir.
"The Practice" (ABC) Guest Star Jeannot Szwarc, dir.
"Providence" (NBC) Guest Star Tony Wharmby, dir.
"Action" (Fox) Guest Star Danny Leiner, dir.
"Grounded for Life" (Fox) Guest Star Dennie Gordon, dir.
"Threat Matrix"  (ABC) Co-Star Fred Gerber, dir.
"Summerland" (Aaron Spelling Pilot/WB) Co-Star Lev. L. Spiro, dir.
"The West Wing" (NBC) Co-Star Chris Misiano, dir.
"The King of Queens" (CBS) Co-Star James Widdoes, dir.
"Malcolm in the Middle" (Fox) Co-Star Todd Holland, dir.
"Scrubs" (NBC) Co-Star Jeff Melman, dir.
"The Gilmore Girls" (WB) Co-Star Arlene Sanford, dir.
"The Others" (NBC) Co-Star William Malone, dir.
"The Drew Carey Show" (ABC) Co-Star Gerry Cohen, dir.
"The Young and The Restless" (CBS) Principle Kathy Foster, dir.
"The Bold and The Beautiful" (CBS) Recurring Nancy Eckels, dir.
"In The Deep Woods" (NBC MOW) Guest Star Charles Correll, dir.
Capital One, IHOP, GEICO, Ford, Kia, IBM, TBS, Hallmark, Pepsi, Jack-in-the-Box; Over 750 national and regional clients during the past 20 years.  National & Regional conflicts available upon request.

Trade Shows of Note
Photo Marketing Assoc. Int'l. 2007
Consumer Electronics Show 2007
D: Everything Digital 2006
Sapphire 2005
NAB 2003
Infocomm 2000
Computer Telephony Expo 2000
NAB 2000
NAB 1999
Comdex Fall `98
MacWorld `98
Comdex Fall `97
Amer. Society of Clinical Oncologists
Corporate Video & Voiceover
Eastman Kodak, Isuzu, Southwest Airlines, King World, Tyee Productions, Kent & Spiegel Direct, CitiBank®, Johnson&Johnson®, Ford®, Hyundai®, Toyota®, Honda®, AT&T®, Epson®, TRW, SAIC, General Electric®, Foodmaker Corporation, E&J Gallo, Pepsico®, U.S. Navy, Maritz Communications, Mas-Hamilton Group, J. Walther Thompson, Olgivy&Mather, Needham-Harper, Rubin-Postaer. . .More than 750 in all.
Film Coach — Elizabeth Gamza (ongoing)
Scene Study & Cold Reading — Elizabeth Gamza (ongoing)
Voice-over training with Dave Sebastian Williams
Special Skills
Ear-Prompter expert, Swimming, Softball, Baseball, Football, Tennis, Snorkeling, Fly-Fishing, Computers,  Drive stick (standard) shift automobile, Narrator, Former NBC News Correspondent.
Demo Reels [Quicktime or Windows Media and MP3 playback capability required]
Video - Dramatic Demo Reel [Quicktime .mov file**April 2007 Update**
Video - Comedy Demo Reel  [Quicktime .mov file**September 2007 Update**
Audio Promos & Trailers Demo [MP3 file]
Audio Commercial Demo [MP3 file]
Audio Industrial Narration Demo [MP3 file]
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